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The Wild Rose Tearoom Was Founded on a Love Legacy

The Wild Rose Tearoom was born from the love and legacy of the woman our founder, Sharon, called "my mom." Charlee Sue was a lover of God, people, and tea! When she died in 2016, she left Sharon's with the “gift” of a stinky old cardboard box full of magazines (ask us about that story when you see us) as well as the mantle of "Making others bloom." Aside from the standard unnamed black teabag on occasion, Sharon knew nothing about tea, until tea found her! Near the end of 2016, she made a declaration that, “I’m going to open a teashop!” as a way of honoring "Mom" and carrying on her love of tea. It was then a must to learn as much about tea as possible. During the years between then and now, she has obtained four certifications from the World Tea Academy, absorbed a multitude of books about tea, and professional relationships have been built through attendance at the World Tea Conference and Expo, held in Las Vegas each year, as well as attending business classes and networking groups. ​After moving to the beautiful little western town of Buffalo, Wyoming in 2020, the search was on to open a teashop; however, the timing wasn’t right, and the dream was put on the shelf. Acquiring the Wild Rose Tearoom in 2022 was a gift of Providence and a true rescue mission of an existing teahouse (ask us the story about that, too!). 

Also, the history of our building at 71 N Main Street in Buffalo, Wyoming, is quite “rich." It is the site of one of the first buildings in our little town and was the very first bank in Buffalo! What was once rich in cash is now rich in tea and accessories. Come and see.

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